Mera Kharos Humsafer By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)


Mera Kharos Humsafer By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)

Is a marvelous story by contemporary Yusra Shah. It is a beautiful story of Rubab and Shan. This story is full of love-hate romance compassion hatred griefs sadness all beautiful colors of life are present in it. You will love the personality of the protagonist of this story because sometimes he is naughty and sometimes he becomes so romantic. It is a beautiful romantic love story that you will enjoy a lot.

Yusra Shah Wrote Mera Kharos Hamsafar Urdu Novel


Is a fabulous writer who earned success by her marvelous writings and she truly deserves that because her hard work can be seen through her work. She very truly remarks on the event in her writings that you guys will wonder them to be true. She is very famous for manipulating her readers by her unique and deep words and beautiful sayings and her beautiful poetry. She has written many beautiful stories like Mujhe Ishq tera le dooba, Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum, kab hue Teri rab jane, and many more.


Mera Kharos Hamsafar Urdu Novel complete online


Is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. In your life, you have observed many beautiful couples where inn mostly cases males are dominant on females and it’s like the females that they love their men to dominate on them. Because they think that this is a kind of love and its very natural. Sometimes our spouse forbids us from doing anything because he/she thinks that this will not be good for us and we must listen and respect their opinion because they love us and want our good. They forbid us from something because they care about us.

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Mera Kharos Humsafer By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)

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Mera Kharos Humsafer By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)

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