Shart Novel By Nimra anwar (Compleat Novel)


Shart Novel | By Nimra anwar (Compleat Novel)

Shart Novel By Nimra anwar (Compleat Novel) is a wonderful masterpiece by legendary Nimra anwar. It is a writing full of love care compassion hatred self-esteem self-centredness and hypocrisy. In fact all colors of life are present in it. To have a bet with someone for fun is not that bad but being so much serious in betting that we should sacrifice our esteem our for this is a bad thing. We should not indulge ourselves so much in anything that it becomes a poison for us. Always remember excess of everything is bad.


Nimra Anwar Wrote Shart Urdu novel thrilling

is a fabulous writer who writes beautifully and expresses her views in a particular way that reader enjoys reading it. Her writings are full of knowledge and information. She is a keen observer and a keen reader. these key qualities made her so much succesful. Nimra Anwar wrote shart urdu novel thrilling is such a masterpiece that everyone should read.

Shart urdu novel available online

is a masterpiece of urdu literature. Loving someone is not a crime but loving someone so intensely that you forget what is right for you and what is wrong is a bad thing because love is not what makes us forget our roots or our values. We should not harm or do wrong with someone for the sake of our love. Because love means no harm. Love is the name of sacrifice. We should respect others feelings also and never hurt anyone through our behaviour. Shart Urdu Novel available online is uttering the same scenario and is available complete on our website for online reading and downloading.

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Shart Novel By Nimra anwar (Compleat Novel)

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