About Us

What is the purpose of this site?​

This website is solely for answering your novels related queries. This is not only an opportunity for new writers but also a great platform for enthusiastic readers to provide them with good and constructive content. Other basic purposes of this website are mentioned below:

Novel Readers

It’s a unique suggestion for novel readers to get best collection of novels in PDF form. They can online read many beautiful novels and download them by just one click.

Young Novel Writers

Our website is best opportunity for young writers to introduce themselves among society and enhance their experience to read the novels of professional writers.

Established Novel Writers

It’s an appealing website for professional writers to convey their message to others for the betterment of society. They can publish their novels by this website.

Established Novel Writers

It’s an appealing website for professional writers to convey their message to others for the betterment of society. They can publish their novels by this website.

Why we read novels?

Reading Novels as a hobby

Reading is a good hobby and when you read a good novel/book then it not only improves your imagination but also lets you escape your daily routine. It also refreshes your mind. It develops skills to fight your daily challenges.

Purpose of novels

Novels are meant to entertain and tell a story. Through novels, we can improve our technical skills, Mental skills, relationship skills, survival skills, self-awareness, and wellness. Great novels also have the complexity to strengthen our moral muscles. As readers, we have the perspective of our society around and due to this ability, we can easily feel what are characters feeling and thinking. Readers read to understand people they have never met before, to visit places they have never seen before. Indeed reading is a joyful hobby.

Categories of readers

there are many types of readers. Weekend warriors who only read novels at the weekends, Die Hard readers who forget all other things just for the sake of novels. The tentative readers, shy readers, and many more. So in which category you fall?

Benefits of reading novels

Reading is a constructive hobby although it has many benefits. It helps in mental stimulation. It can reduce stress. Knowledge, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger analytical thinking, better writing skills are other benefits of reading novels.

How to become a professional writer?

Qualities of a good writer

A good writer is like moonlight to his/her readers who can change the mindsets of his/her readers. To become a good writer you must have discipline, clarity, strong vocabulary, and passion for reading. You should be open to changes so that you can write in every aspect of life.

How to start it!

If you think that you really have some professional skills in writing and serious you are serious about that. Then without wasting a time firstly you have to create your own page or blog or something like that but in this matter, you don’t need to worry because our website is enough for you to start your journey. You can also make your own Facebook page also.

Start with good writings

At first, you should start writing a short story instead of novels as it will be easy for you to manage things. But if you have already written so much stuff then you guys should start a career by making your portfolio and consulting to a well-known website to publish your novels on their website. You can also get help from social media.

Qualities of good writings

The main quality of good writing is that it should be focused, it means it should have a single clear idea. It should have coherence, it means that it should be organized logically and flows smoothly. The most important it should be correct means if you are writing about some real place then write as it is, and your sentences and vocabulary should be error-free otherwise it will leave a bad impression on your readers.