Insanon Ki Duniya Main Haivan by Noor Malik (Complete Novel)



Insanon Ki Duniya Main Haivan by Noor Malik (Complete


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Is a very beautiful novel uttering the bitter truths of this world. It is a story explaining two sides of humans good and bad. There are variety of people living around us but some hurt other and some get hurt, sometimes the situation varies the people who hurt others may be do it intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. This is a story of protagonist that how the protagonist suffers and how he makes his way out of all these sufferings.

Noor Malik Wrote Insanon Ki Duniya Main Haivan Urdu

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Is a writer of present age who beautifully writes about the ups and downs of life. Her written novels are a Pandora box of information and knowledge and this is the key reason her readers love to read her novels, she portraits reality on her canvas in such a beautiful way that harsh realities seem appealing to read. She is such a trend maker who is writing on such an exclusive topic and making people aware of the harsh side of society so quietly.

Insanon Ki Duniya Main Haivan Urdu Novel Complete

Is a master piece of today’s era. In your life you have seen many people who always focus on making other people life worst and worst, instead they find happiness by ruining the lives of others. Such people are really psycho who just need a psychiatrist and nothing else, but sometimes it’s in the nature of some people to create mess all the time and they can’t change it. But due to their attitude many people stop living their lives just because of them and they also don’t feel guilty as they don’t have heart. This novel explains such a scenario. Nevertheless, you guys will enjoy a lot.


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Insanon Ki Duniya Main Haivan by Noor Malik (Complete Novel)
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Insanon Ki Duniya Main Haivan by Noor Malik (Complete Novel)
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