Ishq Mar Muqaya By Noor Malik (Compleat Novel)


Ishq Mar Muqaya By Noor Malik (Compleat Novel)

Ishq Mar Muqaya By Noor Malik (Compleat Novel) is a very famous and beautiful story based on real events. It is the story of someone that you guys will love to read. It is based on some tragic event that happened unexpectedly to the protagonist. It is a story decorated with the sacrifices of someone and someone else is living happily due to those sacrifices without knowing the true worth of his happiness. It will be just like a roller coaster ride as you read it because everything happens so unexpectedly that you will not even think of it that way.

Noor Malik Wrote Ishq Mar Muqaya Urdu Novel Latest

Is a fabulous writer of the present age who has made her place in Urdu Literature in a very short time. Her strong observation and firm attitude made her writings so famous and appealing that she has become everyone’s favorite. Her novel me Jo Hari tujh pe channa is another masterpiece. She has written many other novels like Naseeb ki likhi tanhai, insane ki Dunia me haiwan,  mera Chand mere samne, me Jo Hari tujh pe channa, Piya piyar ki orhni and wani. These are some of her fabulous novels. You can read and download them from here. Noor Malik Wrote Ishq Mar Mukaya Urdu Novel Latest is a worth reading novel.

Ishq Mar Muqaya Urdu Novel Romantic

It is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. In your life, there is always a special person without them you can never imagine to survive because you have never thought of it. This is the time when you are deeply and passionately in love with that person without knowing what it will cost. This is the same story that you will enjoy. Ishq Mar Muqaya Urdu Novel Romantic utters the same story.

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