Dillagi By Mahi (Compleat Novel)


Dillagi By Mahi (Compleat Novel)

It is the latest novel published on our website. Dillagi By Mahi is a fabulous novel uttering the very sensitive and common topic that usually occurs in everyone’s life. Dillagi is something like intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something, but sometimes it can be true and it happens very rarely that it is true. Love is somewhat different from this feeling called dillagi or you can call it infatuation. Love is knowing the good and bad of someone and still loving them. but infatuation is short-lived.

Mahi Wrote Dillagi Urdu Novel Complete

is a fabulous writer whose priority is the reader’s interests and their desires. she writes what readers want and in a very beautiful manner and within limits. Her unique and particular writing style made her so famous in no time. Due to her idiosyncratic and deep words, a huge number of fans are waiting for her upcoming novels. Mahi Wrote Dillagi Urdu Novel Complete is a fabulous writer.

Dillagi Urdu Novel pdf

is the masterpiece of Urdu literature. In this novel, you will come to know what is the difference between infatuation and love. It’s always the matter of destiny that sometimes the love, at first sight, proceeds to true love, and sometimes what we call true love betrays us. So in my opinion it all depends upon fate. We are helpless in both cases. Dillagi Urdu Novel pdf utters the same story, hope you guys will enjoy it.

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Dillagi By Mahi (Compleat Novel)

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