Tera Aitbar Chahiay By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)


Tera Aitbar Chahiay By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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It is a very famous novel by marvelous writer Ana Ilyas. Love care compassion beauty hatred sorrows, in fact, every aspect of life is present in it. The most important thing in aa relationship is to trust if you have a beautifully written sweet and sour journey of the protagonist is waiting for you guys. It is the beautiful story of Izza who is a single parent of her children. She is struggling for making the life of her children better but her mother wants her to get married because her mother thinks that a single woman cannot survive in this society but on the other hand, Izza thinks that she herself can do everything and enough for herself and her children.

Ana Ilyas Wrote Tera Aitbar Chahiay Urdu Novel


Is a marvelous writer of the present age. She is very famous for her choice of words and is a great writer. Every time you read her novels, you will observe that her words are filled with a beautiful feeling of love care compassion although a taste of grief is also there because joys are incomplete without sorrows and we cannot value our happiness and joy if we haven’t faced griefs and sorrows. Her other writings include Teri adat ho gae, muhabbat k jugnu, Har martaba tu chaheay, Chand meri dastaras me and many many more. She mostly writes romantic love stories.

Tera Aitbar Chahiay Urdu Novel download complete


Is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. You have seen many women living their lives with her children without any men, some bad experiences made them live their life alone, and then they don’t trust any men to tie the knot with. This is a pitiable situation. This novel too utters the same story.



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