Teri Adat Ho Gai By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)


Teri Adat Ho Gai By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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Is a very beautiful romantic love story of two cousins. It is the story of Mizrab and Ahil. Mizrab is a young cheerful jolly and moron who does not know the darkest side of this society. On the other hand, Ahil is a charming handsome determined and mature who knows how to make the right choices. Mizrab mother’s die when she was born and Ahil is 5 years older than Mizrab. Besides the young brother of Ahil named Adil is a true friend of Mizrab. Adil is just a week older than Mizrab. Mizrab always remains anxious due to the protective and possessive nature of Ahil without knowing about his feelings for her, she just thinks that he loves to tease her by stopping her from doing everything she loves, but she doesn’t know what is really good for her and what is not.

Ana Ilyas Wrote Teri Adat Ho Gai Urdu Novel Read Online

Is a contemporary writer who is famous for her beautiful romantic writings. She always takes care of her reader’s tastes. She always makes sure that her readers enjoy reading her writings and what she writes should be relatable for her readers. Her other famous writings include Tera Aitbar Chahiay, muhabbat k jugnu, Har martaba tu chaheay, Chand meri dastaras me and many many more. She mostly writes romantic love stories.

Teri Adat Ho Gai Urdu Novel Official

Is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. Sometimes, we don’t know a person’s good concern, sometimes we think that if a person is forbidding us from doing anything then there must be his own happiness but deep inside his/her heart is a concern for us and we don’t understand that. This is not right because true lovers and well-wishers are hard to find, we must listen to such people and value them.

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Teri Adat Ho Gai By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)
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Teri Adat Ho Gai By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)
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