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Naseebo ky Khel By Sabahat Khan 1 to 15 Epi


Naseebo ky Khel By Sabahat Khan

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It is a beautiful story of Zoya and Shan. Zoya is a charming modest young and extremely beautiful girl who doesn’t know the darkest side of this society whereas Shan is a mature determined hardworking and patriotic army officer who is pretending as a teacher in Zoya’s University. At the University when Shan firstly sees Zoya, fell for her simplicity and charming attitude. But there are many difficulties in the life of Zoya. Zoya was living with her mother at the house of her maternal aunt, where her cousin Arsal fell for her and he wanted to marry Zoya, and Zoya also loves Arsal. Then when Zoya was 12 years old and Arsal was 20 they got married. Then Arsal went to America for his studies and spent 8 years there and Zoya was waiting for him her. But when he return he was like he hates Zoya more than anything else. You will wonder why this will happen. Actually Arsal has many misunderstandings related to Zoya and he doesn’t want to clear them.

Sabahat Khan Wrote Naseebo Ky Khel Urdu Novel


Is a marvelous writer who always does justice to the desires of her fans, and who always writes beautiful, appealing, and admiring content for her readers. Her love for her fans and caring nature towards her fans made her different from other writers. She is a true patriot and loves her country very very much. She has written any army based novels like masoom c lrki and masoomiyat and many more. She always shows the magic of her pen on emotional and sensitive topics but never made her readers cry, this is the unique quality of hers.

Naseebo Ky Khel Urdu Novel Complete Pdf

Is a masterpiece of Urdu literature uttering a very general issue prevailing in our society? In our society, we have seen many cases where a beautiful relationship gets destroyed due to small misunderstandings. And the worst it becomes when we don’t clear it. The same scenario is being uttered in this novel, you guys will enjoy a lot.

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Naseebo ky Khel By Sabahat Khan 1 to 15 Epi

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