Naseeb KI Likhi Tanhai By Noor Malik (Complete Novel)


Naseeb KI Likhi Tanhai By Noor Malik (Complete Novel)

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It is a beautiful story full of love care romance and griefs also, in fact, all colors of life are present in it. It is a beautiful romantic sad love story based on sweet and bitter realities of this world. Being alone is very painful and hard, a person always needs other people, a person can not live alone because it is the nature of human that he/she needs someone to be with him.

Noor Malik Wrote Naseeb KI Likhi Tanhai Urdu Novel

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is a marvelous writer who keenly observes society and knows about society’s ups and downs very well. she always chooses such emotional and sensitive topics to write on and it shows her soft heart and kindness. She is such a trend maker who is writing on such an exclusive topic and making people aware of the harsh side of society so quietly.  She has written many other novels including Insano ki Dunia me haiwan and many more.

Naseeb KI Likhi Tanhai Urdu Novel crazy latest pdf


is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. in your life, you have seen many people who prefer to live alone because someone has broken their heart and their trust so badly that they no more trust anyone. Nothing is more painful than that for a person because living alone itself is a punishment. We must help such people and make them develop their trust in people so that they can live their life like all other people and enjoy their life. This novel utters the same case where someone broke the trust of protagonist and makes him suffer.


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Naseeb KI Likhi Tanhai By Noor Malik (Complete Novel)

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Naseeb KI Likhi Tanhai By Noor Malik (Complete Novel)

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