HIddat e Ishq By Hiba Shah (Compleat Novel)


HIddat e Ishq By Hiba Shah (Compleat Novel)

HIddat e Ishq By Hiba Shah (Compleat Novel) is a beautiful and wonderful love story written by marvelous Hiba shah. Those who fell in love with each other forget the rest of the world. The only thing they know is love and their beloved. This is what love is! It makes people blind that they are no more able to see anything besides their beloved and his/her happiness. True love is hard to find in this fake world. those who had found their true love they should value them and should never let their beloved go away from them because it’s really hard to survive without your love once you find him/her.

Hiba Shah Wrote Hiddat e Ishq Urdu Novel complete

is a legendary writer of our age. She has written this love story so beautifully that you guys will fell for her. She has a very idiosyncratic style of expressing words and writing them on paper. By reading her novels you will feel like you yourself are observing all these things because she uses words that produce a deep impact on the minds of readers. She observes keenly and then paints it on her canvas for her fans. Hiba Shah Wrote Hiddat e Ishq Urdu Novel complete is a fabulous writer.

Hiddat e Ishq Urdu Novel latest

is a masterpiece of Urdu Literature. It is a beautiful love story filled with joys sorrows happiness care love romance and many more beautiful emotions that you guys will love to read. In this novel, you will come to know how love changes everything that you don’t feel anything wrong. It is that stage when you have to be patient whether everything goes wrong because you always have hope that everything will be alright one day. Love teaches you to sacrifice everything. love is the name of giving not taking.

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HIddat e Ishq By Hiba Shah (Compleat Novel)

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