Naseebo Ke Khel By Sabahat Khan(complete novel)


Naseebo Ke Khel By Sabahat Khan(complete novel


Naseebo Ke Khel By Sabahat Khan(complete novel) is a very beautiful story by fabulous sabahat khan. It is the story of a young naive and crystal clear girl named zoya and a charming patriotic and handsome army officer named mustehfeez. Mustahfeez loves zoya really very much but than he came to know that zoya is already married. On the other hand, Zoya’s life is full of unexpected surprises because his husband named Arsal has many misconceptions related to zoya so he don’t trust her and hurt her through his behaviour. Whether Mustehfeez will manage to marry zoya or will arsal understand Zoya? what is written in the destiny of zoya for knowing that you will have to read this beautiful story.

Sabahat Khan Wrote Naseebo Ke Khel Urdu Novel Army romantic

is a fabulous novelist who is famous among her fans for her army based romantic novels. She possess patriotic nature and her unique writing style made her famous that her fans are waiting for her other masterpieces. She is so sensitive and this can be seen through her writings. She has also written other army base novel named masoom c lrki part 1 and masoom c lrki part 2. She always takes care of the desires of her readers and never made them cry. Sabahat khan wrote naseebo ke khel urdu novel army romantic is a master piece of urdu literature.

Naseebo Ke Khel Urdu Novel latest pdf complete

is the masterpiece of urdu literature. In your life you have seen many cases where you love someone who is already married but you have to be patient because you can’t do anything. Some people back off in such situations but some people try ever mean to get their love. Naseebo Ke Khel Urdu Novel Latest pdf complete is uttering such scenario.

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Naseebo Ke Khel By Sabahat Khan(complete novel)

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