Ishq Lagan By Shah Khawer Tanha (Complete Novel)


Ishq Lagan By Shah Khawer Tanha (Complete Novel)

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it is a beautiful story written by marvelous writer Shah Khawer Tanha. It is a love story full of romance sadness love care hatred compassion and many more beautiful emotions that you guys will love to read and will surely enjoy. Through this story, you will learn the pros and cons of love relationships and it will e a good lesson for you all to learn.

Shah Khawer Tanha Wrote Ishq Lagan Pdf Complete


is a legendary writer who knows how to make anyone fell for his writings. He is a marvelous novelist famous for his choice of words his quality lines and beautiful dialogues. His hard work can be seen in his words. He is such a keen observer who writes everything beautifully what he observed. His talent to see people’s hardships and then conveying those issues by portraiting them in his words made him the fabulous writer of this age. This is such a great quality that every writer should have.

Urdu novels famous Ishq Lagan

is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. In your life, you have seen many people falling in love with someone at first sight. Sometimes these relationships lead to good but sometimes not. And those who have bad experiences no more trust anyone again in their life in case of love and this is a very big loss if someone feels. We must help such people to come out of this tragic situation and live their life to the fullest. This novel is based on such a case. Indeed you guys will love it after reading it. So must read it.

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Ishq Lagan By Shah Khawer Tanha (Complete Novel)


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