Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)


Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)

It is the beautiful story of Shehroz and Zumar and Hamza and Simal. Simal and Zumar are sisters where Zumar is very naughty and jolly but Simal is a very decent and quiet girl. Shehroz is their first cousin from their paternal uncle and Hamza is their second cousin from their paternal aunt. Shehroz has a dominating personality because he is the first child of his family and this is the reason everyone listens to him. On the other hand, Hamza is naughty and full of life who loves to tease zumar every time. They all live together from their childhood. Hamza has a younger sister who is so self-centered and full of pride. They all go through many ups and downs and for knowing that you will have to read this exciting story because its such an interesting story full of lessons.

Yusra Shah wrote Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum Urdu

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Is a marvelous writer who always does justice to the desires of her fans. She truly knows how to make someone fall for her words her writings and her work. She is such a good soul. She always writes unique stories and decorates them with her beautiful words and soulful morals. Her novels are full of lessons and knowledge which everyone should read. She has written many beautiful stories like Mujhe Ishq tera le dooba, kab hue Teri rab Janne, Mera kharoos Humsafar, and many more.

Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum Urdu Novel pdf download

It is a masterpiece of Urdu literature.in your life, you have seen many people who are suffering from a one-sided love relationship. You have also seen some who erode away from their houses to marry but they can’t be happy, because they have done this with the consent of their parents and parent’s consent means a lot in someone’s life. This novel utters the same scenario.

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Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)

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Justaju Meri Akhari Ho Tum By Yusra Shah (Complete Novel)

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