Janay Na Tu By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)


Janay Na Tu By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

It is a very beautiful novel based on feudal customs and traditions. A beautiful love story highlighting the wrongdoings of feudal their wrong customs and their misbehavior with the women of their area, in fact, every aspect is clearly explained. It is the beautiful story of Khansa and Zark, where Zark is fond of studies and is going to be a surgeon in his future and Khansa is a young girl, 13 years younger than Zark, Zark belongs to a feudal family but unlike his brothers, he is fond of studies he remains away from the so-called bad traditions and customs, he respects the women and knows the true power of knowledge. His mother forced him to marry his first cousin Khansa but he did not want to marry her because she was so younger than him. But due to her mother, he married her and then a beautiful journey begins, to know what will happen next you will have to read this beautiful charming story.

Ana Ilyas wrote Janay Na Tu Urdu Novel complete

Is a fabulous writer who with her writings leave a deep impact on the mind of readers. She is famous for her beautiful and charming usage of words. Her skill in writing romantic scenes is fabulous. She often writes romantic love stories. Her other famous writings include Tera Aitbar Chahiay, Teri Adat Ho Gai, Muhabbat K Jugnu, Chand meri dastaras me, Ishq Mein Hari, and many many more. She mostly writes romantic love stories.

Janay Na Tu Urdu Novel latest read online

Is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. You have seen many feudalists who do not care about anyone’s life, they just care about their own selves and their families, some also do not do that. It is very grievous for us to say that in small towns and villages the feudal system is common and their women have no life, they have no protection because there is no one to stand for them. We should stand together against this system. This novel is highlighting this problem.

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Janay Na Tu By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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Janay Na Tu By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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