Jafa By NNM (Complete Novel)


Jafa By NNM (Complete Novel)

Jafa By NNM (Complete Novel) is the latest wonderful novel by NNM. It is the story of love misunderstandings compromises of the protagonist. It is the story of Andleeb who is the only child of her parents and always remains worried about her parents. On the other hand, it is a story of a boy named Shazman who truly loves andleeb but when andleeb asked him to live at her house after their marriage he refused by saying that he can’t do this because it will look awkward in the society. All the hopes of andleeb vanished and then she married another guy who understands her and lives at her house after marriage and what will happen next for knowing that you will have to read this wonderful story.

NNM Wrote Jafa Urdu Novel Complete

Is a wonderful writer who always writes beautiful love stories and very famous for her romantic writings. Her hard work can be easily observed and seen throughout her work. She not only uses idiosyncratic words but also has a particular writing style, strong observation, and firm attitude towards things. Her other famous novels include Barish Tham Gai. His other novels are available here

Jafa Urdu Novel online pdf download

Is a famous novel that is easily available on our website for reading and download. In your life, you have seen many couples who love each other very much but when it comes to understanding they don’t have a little bit of it. Due to the absence of compatibility, they lose each other forever, and then they have to live alone. This novel utters the same story that you guys will enjoy a lot.

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