Dharkano Ka Ameen By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)


Dharkano Ka Ameen By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

It is the latest novel by legendary ana Ilyas. It is the beautiful story of determined and hard-working Yamama who is a lawyer by profession and a true devoting patriot. She believes that it is her duty as a lawyer to do justice, to prove justice by her actions and by her words, whenever she gets a chance to. She is very charming and a girl full of life. She is very devoted to her profession. Along with these serious things, there is a lot of humor suspense thrill romance and many more things to read.

Ana Ilyas wrote Dharkano Ka Ameen Urdu novel


Is a legendary writer who proved herself by her marvelous and effective deep words and by her idiosyncratic style of writing she made everyone mad for her. It will not be wrong to say that whoever reads her novel comes under her magic spell. She is such a manipulator.

Dharkano Ka Ameen Urdu novel pdf download

Is a masterpiece of Urdu literature. Such moments occur in our life where we need to choose between right and wrong but some people succeed by making the true right choices. And that is a very difficult decision. Because this world is full of thorns for a person of the word, for such a person who never backs out. This world worships those who are clever ad know how to take advantage of others. This is the pitiable reality of this world because whoever makes someone suffer can never have peace. This novel is based on the same scenario, nevertheless, you guys will enjoy it a lot.

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Dharkano Ka Ameen By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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Dharkano Ka Ameen By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)



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