Teray Meray Darmiyan By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)


Teray Meray Darmiyan By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

It is the beautiful story of Hala and Zamin. Hala is a very mature young beautiful brave and charming journalist. On the other hand, Zamin is a brave young mature serious, and determined army officer. Zamin and Asfand are best friends who joined the army together and then they joined secret forces and luckily got selected. Asfand is engaged to a girl named Samiya who was also in the IT department of armed forces. Hala suddenly came in their life and then Zamin’s father pressurizes him to marry her. Why his father pressurized him? What is the relationship of Hala and Zamin.

Ana Ilyas Wrote Teray Meray Darmiyan Urdu Novel

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Is a marvelous writer who always does justice to the desires of her fans. She is very famous for her choice of words and is a great writer. Every time you read her novels, you will observe that her words are filled with beautiful feelings of love care compassion although a taste of grief is also there because joys are incomplete without sorrows and we cannot value our happiness and joy if we haven’t faced griefs and sorrows. Her other writings include Teri adat ho gae, muhabbat k jugnu, Har martaba tu chaheay, Chand meri dastaras me and many many more. She mostly writes romantic love stories.

Teray Meray Darmiyan Urdu Novel latest pdf

Is a masterpiece of the present age. You have observed many situations in your life where someone accidentally came into your life and becomes so important that you can never imagine living without him/her. This is when you fell in love with that person and living without him/her seems drastic.  This novel utters the same story. You guys will definitely enjoy it.

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Teray Meray Darmiyan By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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Teray Meray Darmiyan By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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