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Masoom si Larki Part 1 By Sabahat Khan


Masoom si Larki Part 1 By Sabahat Khan

Masoom si Larki Part 1 By  Sabahat Khan

It is published on CraZy FaNs Of NoVel

Is a very beautifully written story full of love care compassion humor hardships sufferings and the beautiful actions of our naïve protagonist. It is the story of a little girl named haya who is very dear to each and every member of her family but her sister in law feels jealous because everyone cares about her a lot and she can not bear that. Haya is so naive and beautiful inside out that she really has no idea about the filthy nature of dark people of this society. Haya has two brothers named Burhan and Haider. She is closer to Haider than Burhan but both of them love her so much.

Sabahat Khan Wrote Masoom si larki Part 1 Urdu novel

romantic army

Is a marvelous writer whose love for her country and the army can be seen from her writings. Anyone who reads her novel for once becomes a fan of her style and words. She is so down to earth. Her loving and caring nature made her so famous. She has also written an afsana named massomiyat. She has a very jolly and loving nature that can be seen in her writings.

Masoom si lrki Urdu novel pdf

Is a famous army based novel in which you can observe that how the army tends to protect their country and you will see how an army person keeps his country above everything. Moreover, you will also enjoy the romantic love stories of many army people. In this novel, you will also learn that we should not be jealous of anyone because jealousy is such a fire that everything will be burned in it. It is such a great story that you guys will enjoy a lot.

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Masoom si Larki Part 1 By Sabahat Khan is available here to download in PDF form and online reading.
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Masoom si Larki 1
 Masoom si Larki Part 1 By Sabahat Khan

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