Yeh Ghazi Yeh Tere Pur Israr Banday By Bisma Ijaz(Complete Novel)



Yeh Ghazi Yeh Tere Pur Israr Banday By Bisma Ijaz(Complete Novel)

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This is a very beautiful novel by Bisma Ijaz for the patriots of this country. This novel is basically about the army person of our country that how beautifully they struggle to fight for their country and find this chance as an honor to sacrifice their lives for their country.They don’t think twice to do this. Even this is what every soldier long for..

Bisma Ijaz Wrote Ye Ghazi Ye Tere Purisrar Bande Urdu Novel beautiful complete

is a writer of present era who tasted success in a very young age. She seems really inspired from the army person that is why she decided to write a novel on it. She is very passionate and love her work. Her patriotic personality made her so charming alluring and successful that she has become a fabulous writer, whom everyone love to read. Her writings had a great influence on her fans.

Ye Ghazi Ye Tere Purisrar Bande Urdu Novel pdf download

is a master piece of Urdu Literature.It is a marvelous gift for those readers who are passionate and love their country so much that they can do anything for it. Through this novel you will get information and analysis of army person and will be surprised to know certain facts about army person.Undoubtedly a novel is a complete world of imagination , after reading this novel you will become a passionate patriot if you are not and if you are already a fan of army than our likeness will increase up to an ocean.

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Yeh Ghazi Yeh Tere Pur Israr Banday By Bisma Ijaz(Complete Novel)
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Yeh Ghazi Yeh Tere Pur Israr Banday By Bisma Ijaz(Complete Novel)
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