Teri Yad Ki Aanch By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)


Teri Yad Ki Aanch By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

It is a very beautiful romantic love story written by marvelous Ana Ilyas. It is a beautiful story of a successful singer named Fatik and his charming wife named Manab. It is a beautiful story having a leap of many years in between. Fatik and Manab have a beautiful daughter named Vasha. Fatik was unaware of his daughter’s presennce. The story begins when Fatik was watching TV and suddenly he sees his wife and went into flashback. Then he book his tickets and in no time went to Pakistan to search his family. What will happen next? Whether Fatik will be able to find his family or not? What was the reason of this leap between Manab and Fatik? Will Manab forgive Fatik and live the rest of her life with Fatik or not? To know all this you should have to read this beautiful story…

Ana Ilyas Wrote Teri Yad Ki Aanch Urdu Novel latest


is a marvelous writer who beautifully writes all the love stories and highlights many issues in her stories. Her words are full of wonders. She always gies importance to the taste of her readers. Her style of writing is very unique and creative. she beautifully highlights issues that can appear in any relationship.

Teri Yad Ki Aanch Urdu Novel easy download pdf

is a masterpiece of the present age. In your life you have seen many relationships where husband wife got separated due to some issues and after many years they encounter each other and then come together. this is the same story that you guys will love.

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Teri Yad Ki Aanch By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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Teri Yad Ki Aanch By Ana Ilyas (Complete Novel)

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